Start as you mean to go on!

I can’t believe it has been six months since I last wrote a post and what a turn around these last six months have been!! I couldn’t have asked for a better end to 2016 which has continued to be a great start to 2017.

New start new beginnings
This is what happened, and my new start began here!

Just 3 weeks after writing that last post I met someone new, someone who liked me who I liked back! I never ever thought I that it would happen but it did. After worrying about Lily’s birthday weekend with her going away with her dad, I went on a lovely weekend away to Blackpool with my new partner. So I was expecting to be sad and lonely and counting down the seconds until the children returned. However I wasn’t sad or lonely. I was still counting down the seconds until my babies returned but I knew they were having a fantastic time, and so was I.

To re-start the blog or not?

I’m still deciding on whether or not I will continue to blog. I have had the most amazing six months and I have no idea where to start blogging again, or if I have the time, or even what I would blog about now??!

I have also restarted my degree, so I have completed two essays for that and have another two to complete to pass my 3rd year out of six. So there is a lot going good at the minute, I just don’t want to jinx it!!


Harry is doing fantastic after starting school this year and he absolutely loves it and he has finally been tested for allergies and he is allergic to egg and house mites!!


Declan is loving his football every week and still hates anything to do with reading and homework (most of the time).


Lily has just restarted her gymnastics again after moving clubs and has been twice so far and absolutely loving it. She is still loving to read and everything else that live throws at her.

So there is a little update on where we are all at! Lets hope that this year is the best year yet!!

Fun family day out at RSPB at the start of 2017
Fun family day out at RSPB

It’s been a while…

And it is now 1.30am on a Monday morning and I have to be up in 6 hours – yes in the holidays!!!! – to get my little dude ready for a football camp fun thing he is going to be taking part in! But I am getting far to carried away with planning my little ladies EIGHTH birthday party!! I have no idea when she went from the tiny baby I held in my arms for so long but now she is this amazing lady who no longer wants princess parties – she wants a Harry Potter themed party, she is obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I am certainly not complaining lot by a long shot, I am however getting far too carried away with her birthday plans. So I have left a little welcome back to the blogging world post here, I want to get back into blogging, not sure which direction my blog will take, or what I will even write about, but I do want to get back into the writing side of it! So for now I will leave you with this post and I will, hopefully, be back tomorrow with a post all about her birthday plans so far – or maybe even a post about our summer holiday plans… depending on how far I get with the birthday plans!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far!


Being ill with kids!

So earlier this evening I posted Ill Children and working! saying that I hated having to leave them to go to work, well I drafted that post last Wednesday with every intention of posting it Thursday evening after adding the photos!

However, Thursday at work I felt really achy, not necessarily unwell but not 100% either. That night I went to get my hair done and the hairdresser commented on how tired I looked, so I put it all down to being up all week with the kids! Friday I wasn’t much different, not ill but not well, just bleugh! So I left Declan and Harry and went to work. Slowly throughout the day I felt worse and worse and come Friday night it was movie and bath and bed for us all!

Am I tired or ill?

By Saturday morning I was ill! I could barely stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time! This weekend has been horrible, it was the first weekend that we had no plans! My plans were to spend some quality time with the kids and take them somewhere nice and just enjoy the time together. Instead I spent the whole weekend lay on the couch letting the kids do what ever they wanted! Believe me they enjoyed it completely, but I hated it! I felt inadequate and I felt completely useless, I thought going to work and leaving my kids home without me was the hardest thing to do, being home alone with the kids when you feel so unwell that you can’t do anything was the hardest weekend as a parent I have had so far. I had to rely on Lily to help make juice for the boys, rely on the telly, playstation and kindles to keep the kids occupied, everything I tried to I physically couldn’t do!

This weekend may have been one of the hardest. But also one of the best! It has made me see how amazing my three children are! They have been absolute stars this weekend when I needed them to be the most and even though we didn’t physically do anything this weekend I couldn’t be any prouder of the little people they are becoming!

being ill with kids

I dreaded waking up this morning and still feeling as ill as I have over the weekend but thankfully I felt much better this morning and now just have cold symptoms!!

I am planning on a much better weekend this weekend, starting with a trip to pizza hut for tea!! Lily’s choice as she was so amazing this weekend that’s what she wanted to go, I’m also hoping the wind dies down so I can take them to the RSPB too! They love it there!


New Year, New House, New Layout & New Start

There are a lot of new things that are happening in 2016 for me and my amazing children. We are now over 3 weeks into the new year and although we have had a few hiccups along the way we are slowly getting there.

There is no denying the past 7 months have been the worst of my life, I am absolutely torn between the person I was, the person I am being and the person I want to be. Knowing that the people who you thought would be there for you aren’t and no matter how much you try it hurts! There is nothing worse than seeing the man that you once loved appear in front of you as a complete stranger. It is a horrible feeling to go through knowing that the man I loved no longer exists, and therefore the woman he loved no longer exists either – and I was just started to like her and feel comfortable.

Difficult task removing someone from your heart

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I’m back…. again!

I’m getting fed up of not posting, every night I sit and think oo I could blog about that, and then I never do!! I really want to blog again, I want to make time for it, I want to be completely organised in everything I’m doing… but I’m not. So as I sit writing this I have a to do list as long as my arm and I have no idea where to start,

December is fast approaching and that is always a hectic time for me and I want to remember every second, so this week I am going to blog every day – or at least try – in preparation for my mad December daily posts about elves, activities, days out and fun times with my three amazing kids.

Tonight has been spent editing photos that I have taken of other people and their families on a Christmas background, I love doing it and I love peoples reactions to them but I do not love how long they take to sort through. So I am back off to finish editing those so I have more time to blog about other things tomorrow (and maybe even share my photos I took of my children!)


Balancing work and life!

It is so not easy! Even though I’m not working many hours, I am struggling so bad with my time keeping! My work situation at the minute isn’t great for me or the kids, I am hating every second of being away from them, I hate that I have to work on Christmas Eve too!! There are just so many things that I don’t like about working. I know there are so many more people who are working more hours than me and much harder than me but I wasn’t ready to be back in work, it wasn’t a choice that I made, it was forced upon me. So I have made the decision to start childminding and work from home. I will be able to spend more time with my children and hopefully manage my time better allowing me to blog a lot more!!

It is half term this week and I have so much planned for this week! It is Harry’s 3rd Birthday in 2 weeks and so on Sunday we are all going to Peppa Pig World and I cannot wait, then we are staying with family and going to watch Peter Pan and then on Wednesday we are going to see Disney on Ice before heading home to Wales ready for work on Thursday, then Saturday we will be off Trick or Treating and then off to watch the fireworks!

So be expecting a few posts next weekend about our fun week away and now I am signing off and trying to complete my work for childminding!

Birthdays as a mum

With my birthday just 2 weeks away I have been thinking about my birthday as a mum and that it is so much different than when I was a child, or even when I was an adult pre babies!! I used to look forward to my birthday, having a day where I got completely spoilt and waited on hand and foot – now I have three little people that demand attention throughout the day too and make me do things for them 🙂

I wouldn’t have it any other way and I know the other 364 days of the year would be completely boring without them – plus the extra cash that we used to spend on our birthdays now goes on three other special birthdays throughout the year so it is just impossible to do something. But I do still spoil hubby on his birthday – he does so much for us and he works hard for me to be able to stay at home with the kids and never asks for anything in return so I do like to spoil him with little tea parties on his birthday and little gifts.

Although birthdays are different, they seem to be that extra but more special! Lily is super creative and every year she will come out of school the last school day before my birthday and say “You can’t look in my bag today mum” and the morning of my birthday I will always wake up to breakfast in bed (whatever we have in the cupboard that the kids what to make for me – with hubby of course) and that special card that Lily has made specially for me in school it makes my morning. Then normally hubby is in work and the kids are in school and my day continues as normal – there is the odd occasion that it is on the weekend but hubby still works so it is just like a normal day but of course I have the kids at home too!

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Exam stress!!

Things have been super quiet on the blog recently!! I have an exam on Friday to end my 2nd year of my uni course and it is a major stress right now! I have hardly read half of the books and I really need to crack on with the revising and there has been a half term since my last post on our Bank Holiday Weekend fun! I have a few posts that I have started and need to finish and I just need to get this exam out the way then I will be back finishing those posts and lots more!!

For now I will get back to the books!!


Driving Test!

So this week I have had my driving test!!

Exactly two months after my very first lesson I was getting into my instructors car getting ready for my driving test, the test that could say whether I could drive on my own or not!

The night before I had an early night (and many nights before that my poor neglected blog) and I slept amazingly apart from a really freaky dream!! My instructor was picking me up at 9 for an hours lesson before going in for the test at 10:44. Whilst I was waiting for him to arrive I went into the garden and read a book, the next thing I know its 10:15!!!!! I ran outside to find my instructor sat in a bright blue wagon type thing, the car I drive is white. I asked him why he hadn’t knocked on and he said he was just letting me do my thing, then went on to inform me that we had to go to the garage before going for the test, so we went to the garage and then got into his car and to the test centre just in time, then I woke up.

Strangely the morning of the test my instructor said he would be about 5 minutes late he was going to wash and check the car, he knocks on my house and say that one of his tyres had a puncture so we had to go to the garage get another one on and then we had to go back after an hour to get the spare put back in the car. So we got to the test centre in time and managed a good practice around town. Throughout the whole time I was so chilled and calm it didn’t quite seem right, and all the way to the test centre I was calm too, and drove almost alone – instructor was in the car but he didn’t have to say anything to me at all I just seemed to know what I was doing, no thinking about it, no over thinking anything. Just getting on with it!! As if a penny had dropped and was telling me you are so ready for this!!

So we get to the test centre and there are five others already there so we had to pull onto the road as there were no spaces and we went into the waiting room. There were six of us waiting for five examiners!! One of us wouldn’t be taking out test, four instructors came in and said the names of four of the candidates and there was me and another young man left, the final instructor came in and said my name PHEW!! Panic over! So we did the sight test – no problem, and I had to answer two questions – show me was how do the washers work, and tell me was how do you know that the ABS isn’t working – wooo I knew those ones, then off to drive the test.

I drove down roads that I have never drove down before, a lot of it was all new, I had to drive up a hill – making sure that I was in 2nd gear to do it, and then on the way back I got reverse left round a corner – MY WORST MANOEUVRE!!!! I knew I would get it though as I have been asking my instructor to keep going over it again and again and again, so part of me knew I was getting reverse left, I DID IT!!!! No minors on that woo!! Was so pleased!

Then we came to the end when he is adding up all his little marks!


I passed!!! I got 12 minors so high, but I still passed!!!!!!


Yes I’m kind of a big deal on my blog 😉

Our Week Away…

Our week away was amazing, I have wrote about it a little in Happy Days #16, Little Loves – Apr 3rd and 365Rowlands Week 14 posts this week but there is so much more to be telling you about!!

Saturday 28th March I left with the kids and arrived at Lichfield at 12.31pm. We were completely exhausted from the 3 hour train journey over 4 trains but super excited to get there! We then had a little 2 minute walk to their local park and had a little run around to stretch our legs a bit 🙂

week away 1 week away 2

Sunday 29th March was the day for Frozen singalong and whilst we went there Harry went off with his Godparents (and daughter, and son in law, of the people we were staying with) and he went to the Sea Life Centre and they bought him a Mike!! He’s super happy with them thats for sure!

week away 3

I put the kids to bed, Lily had her own room (and Declan should have too – with me and Harry on an air bed) but I thought we could all share a double bed together… but when I went to get into bed this is the view that I saw!! It took a ninja approach to move Harry over and get into bed without waking them!

week away 4


Monday 30th March and first thing we had to do was a food shop!! Once that was done and dusted we headed to Tamworth and had a picnic and play on the park before going to Snowplay at the Snowdome – this was so much fun I recommend anyone to go if you haven’t already!

week away 5 week away 7 week away 6

Tuesday 31st March we went to Shenstone Garden Centre & indoor play centre during the day as the weather wasn’t too good then headed to the cinema in the evening to watch Cinderella, Harry’s Godparents joined us too which was lovely.

Although Harry and Declan don’t seem too happy about it they really were… honestly they did love it!

week away 8

Wednesday 1st April Beacon Park is Lily’s favourite park when we go to Lichfield, she says that the swings are perfect there. I have to agree with the park though, it is such a gorgeous play park with lots to do and a lovely little café too, and for Easter they had an Easter Trail going on so we joined in with that too.

week away 9 week away 11

In the afternoon their other son joined us for a visit to Wacky Warehouse – which was lots of fun for the kids!) and then we watched Paddington at home before bed.

week away 10

Thursday 2nd April We went back to Beacon park to play and explore a little more into the woods and then headed home for Honey & Marmalade lunch on the patio.

week away 12 week away 13
Lily then helped to plant bulbs whilst Declan played boules in the garden.

week away 14

Lily had a sleepover at Harry’s Godparents, so we all went their for tea and then Lily and Declan got their nails painted before we came home.

week away 15

Friday 3rd April Lily stayed with them al day so we went back to Shenstone Garden Centre with the boys and I bought Easter presents for all our nieces and nephews (will share these in yet another post!) Then we went to watch Spongebob movie and had Chips in a bucket for tea.

Saturday 4th April Was time to move onto our next destination, my Mum and Dad’s. We were meant to be going back there Wednesday but it kept getting pushed back because the kids were having too much fun and we had far too many plans to fit it all in so we stayed a little longer and we went to Disney on ice!!!!!!! Most amazing experience ever!! I have already booked for the next one I loved it that much!

disneyonice 10

Sunday 5th April was obviously Easter Sunday, but we had already spoken to the Easter Bunny and he was going to move Easter to the Tuesday for us so we could enjoy it with Daddy in our own home!! But I still did a little Easter Egg Hunt but they had to make their own bags first. We also did egg and spoon races but again they had to make their own medals first! It was lots of fun!

We also made some Frozen cupcakes which were yummy too!

week away 17

Monday 6th April Meant that we were getting the train back home to hubby!!! We have all missed him so much and I hated every second of being away from him!! But the kids all had an amazing time and that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for! I just wish that Daddy could have been there with us to experience it too!

Although my train coming home was meant to be one train from 9:23 and getting home at 12:01 – perfect in time for dinner and to see hubby before he has work, there was an accident on the train line where someone had been hit and died – which delayed the trains and I totally understand that! So we left 20 mintues later – which wouldn’t have been a problem. But then they decided to terminate our train at Shrewsbury at 10:40 and the next train wasn’t till 11:24, and it didn’t stop at my stop 🙁 It stopped at the one before and the one after! So I had to get off at Chester and change again!!! So what should have been a nice and easy journey ended up being a nightmare where I was standing on one train for 50 minutes with Harry on my back (in the carrier) weighing a tonne, and we didn’t get back till 1:35 pm!! But at least we got home safe and sound!

week away 18