Wicked Wednesday – June 3rd!

It has been a while since I have joined in with Wicked Wednesday’s but I love it so I have no idea why I stopped! It’s a great way to embarrass our kids and remember it forever ;)!

This week on the way to Morris Dancing I let the big kids go on their scooters so Harry asked to go on his bike! Little did I know that he would rather push and carry that bike than actually ride it!! It took us AGES to get there!


wicked wednesday jun 3
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Bank Holiday fun!!

Well as you may now I can now DRIVE, and bank holiday Monday was the first day we could all go out in the car for a lovely family day out, but before that we had the weekend, unfortunately hubby was working but I didn’t let that stop me ūüôā

On Friday night poor Lily wasn’t well at all and she was sick throughout the night which resulted in a shower about half 11, she finally stopped being sick at 7.30 Saturday morning and by 12 she was asking for food, jumping around the living room asking to go out somewhere nice… I honestly have no idea how these kids do it. I am a lot like that where I won’t let illness get to me but I would certainly be having a duvet day the day I was sick.

bank holiday weekend sick
Still smiling throughout the whole thing!

It was Lily’s¬†Godmothers birthday party on¬†the Saturday evening and she really wanted to go and buy a new dress and go to the party. So of course I took her to buy her a new pretty dress and the boys some gorgeous matching shirts!

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Food problem solved #badmummyalert

You may remember my post on Tuesday about Harry’s Meal time dramas¬†well last night he had a temperature of 39¬įC!! Hubby has been suffering from swollen tonsils and sore throat for the past week and so I put two and two together checked his tonsils and they are bright red ūüôĀ Problem Solved – I hope!

This week not only has it been meal time dramas but I have also made him walk everywhere – not to be cruel but he refuses the pram and refuses to go in his bike and asks to walk and he is just too heavy for me to carry, although hubby gives in all the time to him and carries him but when I’m on my own its impossible. So for the past two days I have been very strict with hubby to telling him to not pick him up, and now I feel so bad that this whole time he was just not well ūüôĀ

Toddler Tantrums walking home Tuesday – Daddy nearly gave in!!


So we have a doctors appointment for 4:30 to make sure that its not septic and hopefully we will be back on track with food next week!!

problem solved
All snuggled up on the couch!! Poor thing!


Meal time dramas!

For as long as I can remember meal times have been happy times, where we all talk and laugh about everything and anything, breakfasts time we talk about what we may get up to that day, how well we slept, and dinner time with Harry is talking about what he did at school that morning, tea time is bundles of energy full love laughter and stories about everything they have been up to.

meal time 1
Always loved his milk!! *Had to add the cute on in the middle!*


Lately Lily and Declan have excelled at eating – Declan was going through a stage where he would eat but it was minimalist, he would eat as little as he possible could to get pudding, but now they both completely clear their plates and Lily often asks for seconds, she is like a bottom less pit.

meal time 2
He would eat anything from ice cream – obviously! – to sweet potato – to spaghetti and meatballs!



Harry will not eat! He will eat breakfast but dinner and tea time he won’t eat anything. I have no idea what to do for the best, I have stopped his snacks completely bar a fruit snack in the morning, and possibly a banana in the early afternoon and half an hour after he has refused his dinner just to get something into him, but half the time – if not more – he leaves that too. So for the past two days he has eaten banana and ice cream for dinner (but left his pancakes) a banana at playgroup this morning for his snack, and a weetabix every morning for breakfast, and that is it.

meal time 3
Biscuits – MORE ice cream – and chips (oops!!)


He gets no pudding and sits and watches the other two eating theirs, gets upset for a while but soon settles and doesn’t mind. He understands that he hasn’t got it because he hasn’t eaten his tea, but I have no idea where to go from here.

meal time 4
More chips – chocolate cake – sandwiches – and more chocolate! *I promise this isn’t all we eat – it just seems I’ve only got pictures of him eating rubbish foods!*



Harry isn’t the biggest of kids, he is my little dinky dot, I have no issues with anything else from him at all, he is drinking totally fine, and I know that he will eat when he his hungry… but when will that be? Surely I can’t leave him too long for not eating anything?

meal time 5
Seee we have pasta yay!! Which was always his favourite – and cake – and more cake – and pancakes!


I don’t want our meal times to be completely run by this, I try to ignore him but it is hard when they aren’t eating! I do worry!

Anyone have any advice? Tips? Have you been through this?

Me and Mine | March 2015

I nearly forgot about this project so unfortunately our photo isn’t taken during March but it was taken very early April…. We were away for the last few days of March and everything got hectic quickly but glad I remembered in time (ish) so at least we will have a full year of photos!

Come and join in with the¬†Me and Mine project with Dear Beautiful Boy,¬†Bump to Baby,¬†Capture By Lucy,¬†Let’s Talk Mommy,¬†Mummy Daddy Me¬†and¬†Tigerlilly Quinn¬†sharing a family photo every month!


me and mine

Since getting back we have been busy sorting out the garden and having lots of fun playing outside, so what a better place to take our family photo than there!! Even Milo wanted in on the action!

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Our Week Away…

Our week away was amazing, I have wrote about it a little in Happy Days #16, Little Loves РApr 3rd and 365Rowlands Week 14 posts this week but there is so much more to be telling you about!!

Saturday 28th March I left with the kids and arrived at¬†Lichfield at 12.31pm. We were completely exhausted from the 3 hour train journey over 4 trains but super excited to get there! We then had a little 2 minute walk to their local park and had a little run around to stretch our legs a bit ūüôā

week away 1 week away 2

Sunday 29th March¬†was the day for Frozen singalong and whilst we went there Harry went off with his Godparents (and daughter, and son in law, of the people we were staying with) and he went to the Sea Life Centre and they bought him a Mike!! He’s super happy with them thats for sure!

week away 3

I put the kids to bed, Lily had her own room (and Declan should have too – with me and Harry on an air bed) but I thought we could all share a double bed together… but when I went to get into bed this is the view that I saw!! It took a ninja approach to move Harry over and get into bed without waking them!

week away 4


Monday 30th March and first thing we had to do was a food shop!! Once that was done and dusted we headed to Tamworth and had a picnic and play on the park before going to Snowplay at the Snowdome – this was so much fun I recommend anyone to go if you haven’t already!

week away 5 week away 7 week away 6

Tuesday 31st March we went to¬†Shenstone Garden Centre & indoor play centre during the day as the weather wasn’t too good then headed to the cinema in the evening to watch Cinderella, Harry’s Godparents joined us too which was lovely.

Although Harry and Declan don’t seem too happy about it they really were… honestly they did love it!

week away 8

Wednesday 1st April¬†Beacon Park is Lily’s favourite park when we go to Lichfield, she says that the swings are perfect there. I have to agree with the park though, it is such a gorgeous play park with lots to do and a lovely little caf√© too, and for Easter they had an¬†Easter Trail going on so we joined in with that too.

week away 9 week away 11

In the afternoon their other son joined us for a visit to Wacky Warehouse – which was lots of fun for the kids!) and then we watched Paddington at home before bed.

week away 10

Thursday 2nd April We went back to Beacon park to play and explore a little more into the woods and then headed home for Honey & Marmalade lunch on the patio.

week away 12 week away 13
Lily then helped to plant bulbs whilst Declan played boules in the garden.

week away 14

Lily had a sleepover at Harry’s Godparents, so we all went their for tea and then Lily and Declan got their nails painted before we came home.

week away 15

Friday 3rd April Lily stayed with them al day so we went back to Shenstone Garden Centre with the boys and I bought Easter presents for all our nieces and nephews (will share these in yet another post!) Then we went to watch Spongebob movie and had Chips in a bucket for tea.

Saturday 4th April¬†Was time to move onto our next destination, my Mum and Dad’s. We were meant to be going back there Wednesday but it kept getting pushed back because the kids were having too much fun and we had far too many plans to fit it all in so we stayed a little longer and we went to¬†Disney on ice!!!!!!! Most amazing experience ever!! I have already booked for the next one I loved it that much!

disneyonice 10

Sunday 5th April was obviously Easter Sunday, but we had already spoken to the Easter Bunny and he was going to move Easter to the Tuesday for us so we could enjoy it with Daddy in our own home!! But I still did a little Easter Egg Hunt but they had to make their own bags first. We also did egg and spoon races but again they had to make their own medals first! It was lots of fun!

We also made some Frozen cupcakes which were yummy too!

week away 17

Monday 6th April Meant that we were getting the train back home to hubby!!! We have all missed him so much and I hated every second of being away from him!! But the kids all had an amazing time and that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for! I just wish that Daddy could have been there with us to experience it too!

Although my train coming home was meant to be one train from 9:23 and getting home at 12:01 – perfect in time for dinner and to see hubby before he has work, there was an accident on the train line where someone had been hit and died – which delayed the trains and I totally understand that! So we left 20 mintues later – which wouldn’t have been a problem. But then they decided to terminate our train at Shrewsbury at 10:40 and the next train wasn’t till 11:24, and it didn’t stop at my stop ūüôĀ It stopped at the one before and the one after! So I had to get off at Chester and change again!!! So what should have been a nice and easy journey ended up being a nightmare where I was standing on one train for 50 minutes with Harry on my back (in the carrier) weighing a tonne, and we didn’t get back till 1:35 pm!! But at least we got home safe and sound!

week away 18

Disney on Ice – Birmingham

This post has to be the one that I have been most excited to write about, but beware it will be very picture heavy, but not as bad as it could have been!! I Took over 300 photos!!!

Disney on Ice was AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like it before. Lily told me about 2 minutes in “This is so much better than I thought it would be and I thought it was going to be excellent!” So it surprised a 6 year old with how good it was.

We had pretty decent tickets, not right at the front – that is my aim for when the kids are a little older and they can all enjoy it and remember it, but we were about half way up on the side.

The kids loved dressing up in their costumes again like they did for the Frozen sing-a-long so was an extra use for them to get all dressed up!!

disneyonice 1

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Snowdome – Tamworth

Declan has been asking me to build a snowman and to play in the snow for at least 5 months!! So my cousins booked us all in for the snowplay at the Snowdome in Tamworth and it was so much fun!! I would recommend everyone to go and I am already planning on going back but to one that is closer to us!

There was a snow slide with rubber tubes, a tree house with a slide, a target board for throwing snowballs, sledges and of course snow to play in!!!

You get half an hour to play in the snow and it costs £3.50 per adult and £6.75 per child, well worth the money for the endless laughs and giggles from the kids.

I did have to bring Harry out after about 25 minutes as he was¬†whinging, but it was late in the afternoon, he was hungry and wouldn’t keep his gloves on, Lily and Declan didn’t want to come out I think they would have stayed there for hours!

snowdome 1

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We’re off on a holiday…

…and by holiday I totally mean a family get away to visit more family and do lots and lots of fun things!!!

Me, Lily, Declan and Harry are due to get on a train at 9am tomorrow morning!! I am totally gutted that Hubby can’t get anytime off from work to come with us, but everything we are doing I had already paid for so there was no point in us not going, and it helps that what we are doing is going to watch Disney on Ice there is no way I could not take the kids!

So tomorrow we are on the train to visit my cousin, Sunday we are going to watch Frozen sing a long, on Monday we are off to the Snowdome then on Wednesday we move onto my Mums. Then we are spending the week there and on Saturday we are going to watch Disney on Ice and travelling back home on the train on Monday ready to see Daddy and see what the Easter bunny has planned!

Then the 2nd week will be full of fun together as a family as we would have missed Daddy lots and lots!!

I am taking my tablet so hoping to be able to share with you all and keep up with some posts, but if not then I shall be busy catching up with everything that we have been doing!

I am so excited for the children as I know they will love it!!