Breastfeeding – Our journey so far

Imogen is my fourth baby but it is my first time breastfeeding. I decided that I wanted to to give breastfeeding a try, I wanted to experience it and so just 20 minutes after she was born I was feeding her.

When she was born she weighed 8lb 9oz and took to breastfeeding straight away! She fed for an hour on each side straight away and seemed to be settling down really well. We went home the next day and tried to get into some sort of routine with having 4 children at home it wasn’t easy but I felt it was going well.

When the midwives came to weigh her she lost 8.9% of her birth weight and the midwives decided to come and weigh her two days later to see if she would put weight back on. Imogen had put weight on but only 20g which wasn’t a large amount.

Over the next few weeks Imogen was getting weighed twice a week but only putting on 40-60g a week and didn’t regain her birthweight till she was 5 weeks old. At 6 weeks old we were referred to infant feeding specialist and we were seen the next week.

She changed our attachment and latch a little and informed me that Imogen had in fact had a posterior tongue tie which was hindering how she fed. So at 7+6 weeks old she had her tongue tie clipped.

Since having her tongue tie clipped Imogen has been putting on 120g a week and managed to make it over the 10lb mark before the end of march!

She has a happy and now even more contented baby girl, our breastfeeding journey is still going strong and she is doing amazing. This week she put on 200g and is much happier for longer in between feeds and actually sleeps a little more in the day time – meaning I actually get cleaning done!

We have been feeding for 12 weeks now and hoping it will continue.

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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