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Bodnant Gardens – The Ordinary Moments

We have many ordinary moments in our house, a lot of mundane ones, but this week on Easter Sunday we decided to have a trip to Bodnant Gardens, which is part of the National Trust, and as we are members of the National Trust we are trying to use our cards at least twice a month this year to visit different places around us!

This weekend they had the Cadbury Easter egg hunt there so we took part in that too. You may have seen a few pictures on Instagram this morning.

We paid £2 per child to take part in the egg hunt and they loved following the clues and trying to find all the bunnies! I didn’t manage to get any pictures whilst they were hunting because I was so excited to be doing it with them too, I did snap some of them jumping in puddles and after they had decorated their cookies.


At clue number 3 there was a beautiful field full of daffodils which looked amazing in person, the pictures don’t do it justice, but we managed to get a few of everyone looking and smiling!!


Whilst we were decorating cookies and drinking hot chocolates to warm up a little robin came to join us, Lily loves anything wildlife and asked me to take pictures – who am I to say no!

Whilst we were drinking our hot chocolates there was a beautiful river in the background which Lily captured in this lovely picture!

So I thought I would try and get another picture of them all together I kind of managed it! 

But not without lots of outtakes (which I must admit are sometimes my favourites!


Daddy wanted pictures with his little girl (and the other three too). My plan for this year is to try to stop hiding behind the camera, I really do hate having my picture taken but I also fear that the children will have no pictures of me with them as they grow up, definitely something I need to work on!

And of course we have to have some funny ones in there too!

So this is our ordinary moment for this week, getting out in the very crisp fresh air enjoying being together and capturing some cute and funny moments along the way!


The Ordinary Moments Country Kids


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