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For my 2019 Goals and aims I wanted to go on my adventures together making use of our National Trust cards, so today we started off easy, we decided to head down to Bodnant Garden which is a favourite of ours and only a 15 minute drive from our house which is a bonus to. So although it wasn’t a NEW adventure for us it was a fun adventure all the same.

When we arrived at Bodnant Garden it was really easy to park, there is ample parking for day to day running and when there are special events on there is also a large overflow field for parking too. Once parked and got everyone out of the car (which included trying to get Imogen out of her car seat, into her coat, and into her pram without waking her up).

Woo! We did it!

We headed to the main entrance, we were greeting by happy pleasant staff trying to help however they could – as always – and she gave the children some find the bird bingo pages and we went on our way.

How many birds shall we find today?

As soon as we came out from the entrance there was a lovely bird feeder and we saw dozens of birds coming and going happily even though we were stood right next to the feeder, they weren’t bothered by our presence at all and was lovely that they were used to people and happy to show off their skills. We must have stood and watched the birds for 10 minutes, the children were loving watching them come and go and trying to work out which type of birds we saw.

Unfortunately as soon as we left the bird feeder we put the bird bingo in our pocket and we forgot about it, but we carried on looking around at the different things we could see – the new buds growing on the trees, the flowers that were flowering and exploring the grounds of the Gardens.

This time when we went there were things we saw that we hadn’t seen before, and paths we took that I never even knew existed. So I’m hoping to go back again in the summer and spend all day there and try out all of the different paths and walks that are available to look around.

Of course as we were all there together I thought it would be a good time to check off another of my goals and aims and have family pictures and getting myself in front of the camera too so I was actually there in pictures rather than behind the scenes.

Imogen loved trying to walk with her big brothers and sister, she’s getting so much more confident now and will walk 5/6 steps unaided but would walk for hours if she holds your hands.

In School Lily is learning about water wheels and in Design and Technology they are making their own water wheel, so she was super excited to find the water wheel down at the old mill in Bodnant Gardens and had a photo taken next to it to take into school.

I’m so glad that I started my goals and aims for 2019 and I think it is the motivation I need to make sure I am making the most of me and what I can do with the little time we get together as a family!

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  1. We love our National Trust membership and so I always enjoy finding out about other places to visit. The gardens look beautiful! x

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