Bank Holiday fun!!

Well as you may now I can now DRIVE, and bank holiday Monday was the first day we could all go out in the car for a lovely family day out, but before that we had the weekend, unfortunately hubby was working but I didn’t let that stop me 🙂

On Friday night poor Lily wasn’t well at all and she was sick throughout the night which resulted in a shower about half 11, she finally stopped being sick at 7.30 Saturday morning and by 12 she was asking for food, jumping around the living room asking to go out somewhere nice… I honestly have no idea how these kids do it. I am a lot like that where I won’t let illness get to me but I would certainly be having a duvet day the day I was sick.

bank holiday weekend sick
Still smiling throughout the whole thing!

It was Lily’s Godmothers birthday party on the Saturday evening and she really wanted to go and buy a new dress and go to the party. So of course I took her to buy her a new pretty dress and the boys some gorgeous matching shirts!

bank holiday weekend party
I love Lilys dress and Cardigan!! She looked so gorgeous!! Harry wouldn’t let me take his picture so I tried to sneak him in!

So that was our Bank Holiday Saturday sorted, Sunday I decided to go and see the RSPB Nature Reserve in Conwy and it was fantastic!!! The kids absolutely loved it and we only went there for 3 hours and only covered about a quarter if not less of the reserve! I cannot wait to go back there with hubby in tow and take even more pictures!! It was amazing and we became members so we can go and visit there and any other places on the RSPB list for free!

Here are just a few of the pictures I took!

Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 1
I love getting pictures of all three of them together!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 2
The wildlife there was amazing!! Next time we go I want to capture more of the animals!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 3
Gorgeous kiddies 😉 I know I’m totally biased though!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 4
This little man is a moody little man when he wants to be!!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 5
One of my favourite things about the reserve is that the kids can just run!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 6
Lily loved the climbing frame!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 7
Declan gained so much confidence in climbing in the half an hour we spent there!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 8
Whilst Harry was playing it started to rain – he likes his hood on when its raining so was shouting at me for his coat!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 9
So much joy in all their faces!! Harry loved being free to run where he wanted!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 10
This is my favourite photo from the day!
Bank Holiday Nature Reserve 11
Who doesn’t love to play in tunnels!!


So Bank Holiday Monday meant that we were all off! So the Sunday night I was looking at places to go and I ended up signing us up to the National Trust and we went off to Penrhyn Castle and again we had the best time! I am so glad that we are now members of both the National Trust and RSPB and we can go to any of these places whenever we want to!


Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 1
Sibling shots of course 🙂 And an extra one with Daddy 🙂
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 2
The wildlife and views there were amazing!
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 3
Inside the beautiful castle!
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 5
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 6
Moody photos followed by a bribe to the park for at least one smiley photo!
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 7
Gorgeous girl in the flowers!
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 8
Lots of running around together!
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 9
And more running…
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 10
Posed photos on the steps!! So cute, my favourites are the middle two where Harry just looks at what Declan is doing and copies him
Bank Holiday Penrhyn Castle 11
Family photo with the castle in the background !


And that was out bank holiday fun weekend!!


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4 thoughts on “Bank Holiday fun!!

  1. You really did make the most of your bank holiday weekend. What fun with two great memberships to take advantage of. You will be set up for a summer of outdoor adventures now. Great to see the play areas set up for children, it makes visiting these places so much more acceptable to children if there is some purpose built fun for them too. So pleased Lily was over her sickness to enjoy your days out and I do love her dress and cardi, so grown up! Thank you for sharing your bank holiday on Country Kids.

  2. Looks like you had a great time outdoors over the Bank Holiday, such beautiful photos 🙂 Glad to hear that Lily felt better after her sickness, crazy how kids go from one extreme to other but glad she recovered quickly!
    Looking forward to checking out more of your posts x

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