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Back to school and routines – Ordinary moments

Today was the first day back after the two week Easter break, and the kids struggled to getup this morning. I am so lucky that so far all four of the are really good sleepers with Imogen most nights just waking once and Lily, Declan and Harry all sleeping till about 8.30 on weekends. I take my hat off to those mums up 6am or even before.

So this morning Lily, Declan and Harry took their time getting out of bed and they looked groggy walking to brush their teeth but we did it and got to school on time too!!

Lily started her first singing lesson after school today and when I picked her up she was beaming and I could instantly tell she loved it. Her teacher told me she was amazing and would be taking two exams in November, one in musical theatre and one in piano, she came straight home and practiced on her keyboard and learning the words to the song she has to sing.

Once we got home it was routine of homework, reading, tric a chlic app for Harry and practising their instruments for Lily and Declan – the music side doesn’t take much persuasion.

I did plan on getting everyone’s hair cut over the Easter holidays but we ran out of time. So while Lily was at her first singing lesson the boys went for a haircut.

It was a fun morning if not a little hard, and hopefully tomorrow morning will be a lot easier. Only 7 weeks until May half term.

The Ordinary Moments

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