I’m back…. again!

I’m getting fed up of not posting, every night I sit and think oo I could blog about that, and then I never do!! I really want to blog again, I want to make time for it, I want to be completely organised in everything I’m doing… but I’m not. So as I sit writing this I have a to do list as long as my arm and I have no idea where to start,

December is fast approaching and that is always a hectic time for me and I want to remember every second, so this week I am going to blog every day – or at least try – in preparation for my mad December daily posts about elves, activities, days out and fun times with my three amazing kids.

Tonight has been spent editing photos that I have taken of other people and their families on a Christmas background, I love doing it and I love peoples reactions to them but I do not love how long they take to sort through. So I am back off to finish editing those so I have more time to blog about other things tomorrow (and maybe even share my photos I took of my children!)