Balancing work and life!

It is so not easy! Even though I’m not working many hours, I am struggling so bad with my time keeping! My work situation at the minute isn’t great for me or the kids, I am hating every second of being away from them, I hate that I have to work on Christmas Eve too!! There are just so many things that I don’t like about working. I know there are so many more people who are working more hours than me and much harder than me but I wasn’t ready to be back in work, it wasn’t a choice that I made, it was forced upon me. So I have made the decision to start childminding and work from home. I will be able to spend more time with my children and hopefully manage my time better allowing me to blog a lot more!!

It is half term this week and I have so much planned for this week! It is Harry’s 3rd Birthday in 2 weeks and so on Sunday we are all going to Peppa Pig World and I cannot wait, then we are staying with family and going to watch Peter Pan and then on Wednesday we are going to see Disney on Ice before heading home to Wales ready for work on Thursday, then Saturday we will be off Trick or Treating and then off to watch the fireworks!

So be expecting a few posts next weekend about our fun week away and now I am signing off and trying to complete my work for childminding!