Bank Holiday fun!!

Well as you may now I can now DRIVE, and bank holiday Monday was the first day we could all go out in the car for a lovely family day out, but before that we had the weekend, unfortunately hubby was working but I didn’t let that stop me šŸ™‚

On Friday night poor Lily wasn’t well at all and she was sick throughout the night which resulted in a shower about half 11, she finally stopped being sick at 7.30 Saturday morning and by 12 she was asking for food, jumping around the living room asking to go out somewhere nice… I honestly have no idea how these kids do it. I am a lot like that where I won’t let illness get to me but I would certainly be having a duvet day the day I was sick.

bank holiday weekend sick
Still smiling throughout the whole thing!

It was Lily’sĀ Godmothers birthday party onĀ the Saturday evening and she really wanted to go and buy a new dress and go to the party. So of course I took her to buy her a new pretty dress and the boys some gorgeous matching shirts!

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#365Rowlands2015 Week 18

How do you all do it?? I have no idea where this week has gone and yet here I am midnight on Sunday night remembering that I really want to blog and I need to find more hours in the day!! I have finished my last assignment for uni this year now so just an exam to prep for on 5th June so hopefully once that is done I will be able to get back into full on blogging!!

So here we go onto week 18Ā for #365Rowlands2015 …


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