#365Rowlands2015 Week 17

So my poor blog has been affected yet again from us being super busy. The start of this week was nothing in particular, I was just trying to stay calm and collected, getting early nights in preparation for my DRIVING TEST!!! So everything has been put on the back seat!! So I am a little late posted our week in photos, and I have totally missed all the posts for happy days and little loves, but this week I plan to be back on track – or so she says, I have an assignment to write eeek!

Onto week 17 for #365Rowlands2015 …


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Driving Test!

So this week I have had my driving test!!

Exactly two months after my very first lesson I was getting into my instructors car getting ready for my driving test, the test that could say whether I could drive on my own or not!

The night before I had an early night (and many nights before that my poor neglected blog) and I slept amazingly apart from a really freaky dream!! My instructor was picking me up at 9 for an hours lesson before going in for the test at 10:44. Whilst I was waiting for him to arrive I went into the garden and read a book, the next thing I know its 10:15!!!!! I ran outside to find my instructor sat in a bright blue wagon type thing, the car I drive is white. I asked him why he hadn’t knocked on and he said he was just letting me do my thing, then went on to inform me that we had to go to the garage before going for the test, so we went to the garage and then got into his car and to the test centre just in time, then I woke up.

Strangely the morning of the test my instructor said he would be about 5 minutes late he was going to wash and check the car, he knocks on my house and say that one of his tyres had a puncture so we had to go to the garage get another one on and then we had to go back after an hour to get the spare put back in the car. So we got to the test centre in time and managed a good practice around town. Throughout the whole time I was so chilled and calm it didn’t quite seem right, and all the way to the test centre I was calm too, and drove almost alone – instructor was in the car but he didn’t have to say anything to me at all I just seemed to know what I was doing, no thinking about it, no over thinking anything. Just getting on with it!! As if a penny had dropped and was telling me you are so ready for this!!

So we get to the test centre and there are five others already there so we had to pull onto the road as there were no spaces and we went into the waiting room. There were six of us waiting for five examiners!! One of us wouldn’t be taking out test, four instructors came in and said the names of four of the candidates and there was me and another young man left, the final instructor came in and said my name PHEW!! Panic over! So we did the sight test – no problem, and I had to answer two questions – show me was how do the washers work, and tell me was how do you know that the ABS isn’t working – wooo I knew those ones, then off to drive the test.

I drove down roads that I have never drove down before, a lot of it was all new, I had to drive up a hill – making sure that I was in 2nd gear to do it, and then on the way back I got reverse left round a corner – MY WORST MANOEUVRE!!!! I knew I would get it though as I have been asking my instructor to keep going over it again and again and again, so part of me knew I was getting reverse left, I DID IT!!!! No minors on that woo!! Was so pleased!

Then we came to the end when he is adding up all his little marks!


I passed!!! I got 12 minors so high, but I still passed!!!!!!


Yes I’m kind of a big deal on my blog 😉

#365Rowlands2015 Week 16

This week hasn’t been too great! I haven’t joined in with little loves or happy days this week, which isn’t like me but it has jut been so hard. We have been plagued with illnesses and my driving lessons shook me up a bit and I have my driving test on Thursday and I just don’t know if I’m ready!! But that’s another post!

So I will stop rambling and move onto week 16 for #365Rowlands2015 …


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Food problem solved #badmummyalert

You may remember my post on Tuesday about Harry’s Meal time dramas well last night he had a temperature of 39°C!! Hubby has been suffering from swollen tonsils and sore throat for the past week and so I put two and two together checked his tonsils and they are bright red 🙁 Problem Solved – I hope!

This week not only has it been meal time dramas but I have also made him walk everywhere – not to be cruel but he refuses the pram and refuses to go in his bike and asks to walk and he is just too heavy for me to carry, although hubby gives in all the time to him and carries him but when I’m on my own its impossible. So for the past two days I have been very strict with hubby to telling him to not pick him up, and now I feel so bad that this whole time he was just not well 🙁

Toddler Tantrums walking home Tuesday – Daddy nearly gave in!!


So we have a doctors appointment for 4:30 to make sure that its not septic and hopefully we will be back on track with food next week!!

problem solved
All snuggled up on the couch!! Poor thing!


Meal time dramas!

For as long as I can remember meal times have been happy times, where we all talk and laugh about everything and anything, breakfasts time we talk about what we may get up to that day, how well we slept, and dinner time with Harry is talking about what he did at school that morning, tea time is bundles of energy full love laughter and stories about everything they have been up to.

meal time 1
Always loved his milk!! *Had to add the cute on in the middle!*


Lately Lily and Declan have excelled at eating – Declan was going through a stage where he would eat but it was minimalist, he would eat as little as he possible could to get pudding, but now they both completely clear their plates and Lily often asks for seconds, she is like a bottom less pit.

meal time 2
He would eat anything from ice cream – obviously! – to sweet potato – to spaghetti and meatballs!



Harry will not eat! He will eat breakfast but dinner and tea time he won’t eat anything. I have no idea what to do for the best, I have stopped his snacks completely bar a fruit snack in the morning, and possibly a banana in the early afternoon and half an hour after he has refused his dinner just to get something into him, but half the time – if not more – he leaves that too. So for the past two days he has eaten banana and ice cream for dinner (but left his pancakes) a banana at playgroup this morning for his snack, and a weetabix every morning for breakfast, and that is it.

meal time 3
Biscuits – MORE ice cream – and chips (oops!!)


He gets no pudding and sits and watches the other two eating theirs, gets upset for a while but soon settles and doesn’t mind. He understands that he hasn’t got it because he hasn’t eaten his tea, but I have no idea where to go from here.

meal time 4
More chips – chocolate cake – sandwiches – and more chocolate! *I promise this isn’t all we eat – it just seems I’ve only got pictures of him eating rubbish foods!*



Harry isn’t the biggest of kids, he is my little dinky dot, I have no issues with anything else from him at all, he is drinking totally fine, and I know that he will eat when he his hungry… but when will that be? Surely I can’t leave him too long for not eating anything?

meal time 5
Seee we have pasta yay!! Which was always his favourite – and cake – and more cake – and pancakes!


I don’t want our meal times to be completely run by this, I try to ignore him but it is hard when they aren’t eating! I do worry!

Anyone have any advice? Tips? Have you been through this?

Me and Mine | March 2015

I nearly forgot about this project so unfortunately our photo isn’t taken during March but it was taken very early April…. We were away for the last few days of March and everything got hectic quickly but glad I remembered in time (ish) so at least we will have a full year of photos!

Come and join in with the Me and Mine project with Dear Beautiful BoyBump to BabyCapture By LucyLet’s Talk MommyMummy Daddy Me and Tigerlilly Quinn sharing a family photo every month!


me and mine

Since getting back we have been busy sorting out the garden and having lots of fun playing outside, so what a better place to take our family photo than there!! Even Milo wanted in on the action!

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