#365Rowlands2015 Week 13

So if you are a regular reader of my blog you are probably fed up about me going on about being away… but I will say it again anyway… I am currently away visiting family having lots of fun doing lots of fun things, so consider this a sneaky peek into what we’ve been up to so far.

Onto week 13 for #365Rowlands2015 …

Normally I would include an image with the week number here, but I have only bought the tablet to blog and haven’t transferred the image over to here.


*Updated to add the image* 🙂

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Happy Days #15

Well yet again I am late writing this post. I have a pretty good excuse this time though, we are away on a little break visiting family over the Easter holidays! But today we have been super busy and Harry wasn’t settling too well so I am currently lay in bed listening to the snores of Declan and watching Harry sleep peacefully whilst Lily is fast asleep in her own room and I am catching up on a few missing posts!

And off we go…

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We’re off on a holiday…

…and by holiday I totally mean a family get away to visit more family and do lots and lots of fun things!!!

Me, Lily, Declan and Harry are due to get on a train at 9am tomorrow morning!! I am totally gutted that Hubby can’t get anytime off from work to come with us, but everything we are doing I had already paid for so there was no point in us not going, and it helps that what we are doing is going to watch Disney on Ice there is no way I could not take the kids!

So tomorrow we are on the train to visit my cousin, Sunday we are going to watch Frozen sing a long, on Monday we are off to the Snowdome then on Wednesday we move onto my Mums. Then we are spending the week there and on Saturday we are going to watch Disney on Ice and travelling back home on the train on Monday ready to see Daddy and see what the Easter bunny has planned!

Then the 2nd week will be full of fun together as a family as we would have missed Daddy lots and lots!!

I am taking my tablet so hoping to be able to share with you all and keep up with some posts, but if not then I shall be busy catching up with everything that we have been doing!

I am so excited for the children as I know they will love it!!

One Lovely Blog Award

A huge thank you to Alice from Toast for Tea for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. This is the second award I have been nominated for the first being “The Liebster Award” for new bloggers which I had to answer questions and post 11 random facts, for the One Lovely Blog Award the rules are to

  • Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you. (complete)
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • and Nominate about 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

I love joining in with awards and love to learn about other blogger so go and head over to Alice’s post to learn 7 facts about her too!

So here we go, thank you again Alice, for the nomination.



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Living Arrows – Week 12

I thought this week was going good, until I had a mini meltdown, I am just glad that I now have the opportunity to be able to type it all up rather than trying to keep it all bottled in, by writing about it I can come to terms with things going on and I think that is something that I have lacked the ability to do. If something isn’t going to plan I try to ignore it, now I can write about it, I hate confrontation – even with myself – so it is great I am able to talk about anything here on the blog.

Anyway enough about that, onto this weeks Living Arrows post, my children are the one thing in my life that I will never ever be sorry for, them and hubby, they are the best things to have ever happened to me and to get the opportunity to write about them every single week like a little diary of their lives is something I will most definitely treasure forever.


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It was all going so well…

I have been on a high, a huge happy high! Everything had been going really well (maybe too well) and everything was all good, until this past week, more importantly today…

I don’t know how to explain it, or even explain why it is happening especially as up until today everything was good, but the more I think about it the more I realise that it has actually been building up and I have just been trying to squish it down as to not let it bother me. Today started off with me waking up with a tension headache, which by the end of the day I realise was due to stress.

Firstly, I have booked a lot of fun things for the Easter Holidays for the kids and us including, Frozen sing along and Disney on Ice both in Birmingham and we are going to stay with family for 10 days. Unfortunately hubby’s work haven’t allowed him the time off, so I am so annoyed that for the two weeks that the kids get off hubby will not see them for 10 days of it!! I am so so gutted for him and for us as a family, it is going to be horrible.

I have been asked by the headteacher of the children’s school to become the chairperson of the PTA but the current chairperson doesn’t know and I don’t think she wants to step down. She is Declan’s friends mum and he is in the same class as Declan so I don’t want their to be any animosity between us but on the other hand I am really excited about this opportunity. I hate confrontation, I will talk the talk to close friends and family but they and I know that I would never do anything to intentionally upset anyone, so that has been playing on my mind for the past week.

I had a driving lesson this morning and nothing went right, my niece recently had her test and failed and that has been on my mind, I am worrying about everything and anything and not concentrating on what I am doing and I just haven’t got a clue what went wrong, I wasn’t thinking about the driving, I was just in a little world of my own.

I know it is just a one off (I hope) but I beat myself up so bad, it was the worst thing ever and I hated driving for the first time ever! I am hoping that Friday is a much better experience, especially as I will be going away for 10 days and not going into a car so I really want to finish on a high this week and try my bloody hardest to get it!

With my little vent over, I am hoping I wake up in the morning with no headache and back to my normal self!