Out and About: Trains and Beach

This week with the older ones back in school me and Harry went out with my friend and her son, who Harry loves, to visit a beautiful little place with a miniature railway – Harry loves trains so he was so excited the whole way there – probably a little over excited. But we can’t leave the bigger ones out now can we, we went for a lovely walk along the beach on Friday after school – I was meant to write this post last night, but then I realised I was up at 6.30 ready for the Eisteddfod so ended up going to bed!

Out  and About

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Happy Days #11

This week has been super happy! I have started driving lessons which has been so much fun, and I am enjoying it so much more than I thought I would! You can view all of my Happy Days Posts if you wish 🙂 To see what we have been doing each week to make us happy 🙂

And off we go…

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Living Arrows – Week 8

So I should have wrote this post this morning, but me and Harry joined my friend and her little boy on a trip to a miniature railway train – which Harry absolutely loved – then home just in time to go reading at the school, then I helped out at the school with KerbKraft then home and a quick shower ready for Weight Watchers this week. So its been super hectic and now I think its time to write a post for my three amazing children.


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My 3 Things – Feb 24th

My 3 things is bought to you by Claire from Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist it is a great way to look back on the week to see what was good, bad and what you need to do next week. I love joining in every week and you can see all of My 3 Things posts if you want to.

Back to school this week 🙁 But the kids are loving seeing all their friends again so its not all bad 🙂


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Magic Moments: First Driving Lesson

So as the title suggests I had my first official driving lesson this morning. After my disappoint from failing my theory test and my failed attempt of going out in my friends car after stalling, juddering and other things it was safe to say I wasn’t looking forward to it. I am hugely competitive with myself, and when things don’t go well or I can’t do something I get frustrated, and let’s face getting frustrated when driving isn’t really a good idea. So nervous, apprehensive and a tad bit excited to see what was going to happen I went on my driving lesson.


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#365Rowlands2015 Week 8

Eeek, week 8 already. This year really is flying by, I have just four more weeks to write (including this one) and then it will be Declan’s party day!! I can’t believe that in just 4 weeks (and a day) my little man will be FIVE!!! When did that happen!! I have all his presents bought so at least I am organised that way. But I need to book the room and get organised for his party, and work out what I am going to do!

Anyway… that’s another blog post hehe, onto week 8 for #365Rowlands2015


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Weekend Style – Feb 22nd

So I didn’t join in with  First Time Mummy and  Knott Bump & Us‘s linky of Weekend Baby Style last week, we had done our sponsored walk last Saturday and Sunday we spent the whole day in pjyama’s with a matress on the floor in the living room watching movies and having fun all day, there were no lovely outfits so I just skipped a week 🙂 Back this week though and I hope Hannah of First Time Mummy has an amazing holiday and lets see what we are wearing this weekend 🙂

Saturday Declan had football and me and Lily walked around the park with Milo and we wore jogging pants and comfy clothes – much too boring to photograph. But we had family coming over on Sunday so comfy but fancy clothes it was.



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When to stop the nap?

Lily and Declan were both around 18 months when they decided that they didn’t want to nap any more. They pretty much did it themselves, However, Harry is very much third child baby of the family and still napping at 27 months. I don’t mind him napping in the slightest, to be honest it is quite nice that he still naps and that I can get things done in the afternoons whilst he is snoozing, but lately he has been waking in the night. I say lately it has been happening for a while now.


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