Happy Days #7

This week has been totally up and down. To be honest I can’t really remember this week it seems to have gone by in one huge blur. Doesn’t seem that long that I was writing last weeks post and now here I am again and no idea what to write or what I have done. Off to look at some pictures to see what happened this week hehe.

And off we go…

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Time Management!

I am at a total loss at trying to manage my time well. I never know what to do. When I sit down for my “me” time at night once the kids are in bed thats my time that I will usually use to blog. At the minute I am using it to write Linky posts (and I join in with a lot, probably more than I should be but I really do enjoy them all!) and then I comment on a lot of people in the linky. Normally between 5-10 but sometimes I will do them all! But then I look back through my posts and they are all saying a similar thing, the time I am spending on my blog and on commenting on others is a lot and I don’t think that I am spending it wisely writing posts that I will love to look back on. I will love them obviously I am writing them now for a reason and they mean something to me but I think that I need to write more personal stuff as well and try and forget about the comments that seem to get into my head, I love to comment and I love to receive comments. Probably why I join in with so many linky’s.

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Living Arrows – Week 4

Argh! I nearly forgot to do my Living Arrows post this week, I normally write it whilst Harry is sleeping after I go reading but today I wanted to go and get my pictures printed for my DRIVING PROVISIONAL LICENSE!! I am so excited to get this and I really want to learn to drive now – and then it was school run, sorting tea out, off to Weight Watchers for my Weekly Weigh In and then home and totally forgot until now – so here we go! 🙂


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Fundraising for Tiny Tickers!

I was messaged on Twitter by Tiny Tickers and they were looking for bloggers to help show awareness by writing posts about their work and what they do.

Of course I said yes, there was no doubt in my mind that that’s what I was going to do.

Tiny Tickers exists to improve the early detection and care of babies with serious heart conditions.

Tiny Tickers

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Wicked Wednesday – Jan 28th

Yay Wicked Wednesday’s is back for another week! It’s less embarrassing this week for them (I bet they will be thinking yay too!)

We went to soft play last week, as I have wrote about in a lot of my posts, and Harry decorated a cake, he was extremely disappointed when it was “all gone”

wicked wednesday cake gone

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Review: Weekend Box

I am always trying to find fun things for us to do on a weekend. This could be anything from being outside, crafting or baking. So of course I wanted to review a Weekend Box from Weekend Box Club (you can also find them on twitter, facebook, instagram). When I received the item I let Lily and Declan open it, as you can tell Lily wanted to read all of the instructions first and Declan just wanted to get stuck in with everything else! (Excuse Harry sleeping on the couch!)

I quickly snapped a photo of everything we received but Lily and Declan just wanted to get started so this was the best I could get.

weekend box - 0

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Magic Moments: Fundraising

For my Magic Moment this week there will be no pictures just words, and I hope that I can get across how proud of my baby girl I am this week, she has decided that she wants to do some Fundraising and I cannot begin to express how proud this makes me.

I got a message on Twitter from Tiny Tickers asking if I would write a post to share information about Tiny Tickers, of course I said yes. I have family members who have suffered with heart problems, and I know people who have lost babies due to heart problems – in saying that even if I hadn’t I would still of helped. Children are a huge soft spot for me, I have always wanted children, I always wanted to work with children, I have always worked with children. I am now training to become a teacher to young children they are just my focus in life. So of course without a thought in my mind I messaged back just telling them to tell me what to do.

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