Happy Days #02

Week two for the Happy Days Linky lets see what we have been up to this week πŸ™‚

Out and about

On Wednesday I went to the vets with Milo to have his first lot of injections! Then the next lot is booked in for 3rd December then the week after we can start taking him for walks πŸ™‚ The kids can’t wait!! And we had to get him a new collar and name tag so we went to get those too!

We did manage to get to the park for half an hour this afternoon!
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Kandy and Kane 2013

Last year we had two little visitors from the North Pole. Kandy and Kane, they are brother and sister elves who came to stay with us until Christmas Eve and got up to all sorts of mischief. They delivered letters to Santa that we had written, bought letters back, and gave us lots of things to do!

Here is what they got up to last year!

Dec 01 – the arrival πŸ™‚ With a letter from Santa explaining that they aren’t to touch the elves as they will lose their magic, and I forgot to buy advent calendars, but luckily Santa sent some with Kandy and Kane for the kids!

Day01 (1)Β Β Day01 (2)Day01 (3)

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#My3Things Positive Parenting Motivator | Week 2

Well this week has come around really fast! It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was writing this last week, lets just hope that I have managed to achieve some of my focus’ from last week, the fact that I can’t remember doesn’t bode well that I did!

3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week

  • Milo isn’t settling too well at night πŸ™ Although he is not horrendous, he whines for about half an hour when we first go to bed and then for about half an hour in the middle of the night and then whines until we get downstairs when he hears us moving around – this one I don’t mind so much but last night we ended up with everyone sleeping in our bed as Milo woke them up around 4am. But we knew this would be a problem and it wouldn’t happen overnight.
  • I didn’t get any uni work done, or scrapping, or project life, so my focus for this week wasn’t achieved. I have no idea how I am meant to get back on track with Project life, last time I did it was Week 13!!! We now have 6 weeks left of the year that’s 30 weeks I need to catch up with – I’m in trouble πŸ™
  • I’ve been feeling a little deflated, I feel that I don’t do enough with the kids at the minute and that they are missing out, I need to get back into a routine – although its hard with the Christmas Pictures I am doing at the minute, but then that makes me feel even guiltier that I am putting that above my kids. But I like to help people and that is what I am doing, but doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty.
  • I know its only three things, but I have to add another just for this week!! My phone smashed yesterday πŸ™ And although I know its not the worst thing ever, this is the 4th phone I have managed to smash! πŸ™

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Love the little things | 21/11/2014

This week has been chaotic, but not busy, and I’m not sure how that is possible to be honest but that’s how it felt!


This week I have been reading uni books, not as often as I should be and definitely not as interesting as last weeks read, but it needs to be done! Thankfully I get a few weeks off over Christmas to enjoy it with the kids πŸ˜€


I love watching I’m a Celebrity get me out of here, and it started again this week. So far my favourite is Jimmy Bullard, he is hilarious so I want him to win (for now).


Christmas music – I can sense a pattern here – we have been having the Christmas music channels on and I am soooo excited that Christmas will be here 5 weeks TODAY!!!!!!

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Oh Christmas Tree!

Yay!! The tree is up!! πŸ˜€ It looks super pretty and very Christmassy and the kids cannot wait to see if Kandy and KaneΒ choose our house to visit this year!! I will write a post up very soon of some of the crazy things Kandy and Kane got up to πŸ™‚ They were very cheeky elves and I’m pretty excited to see what they get up to, too.

So anyway back to the tree, we wanted to put it up Wednesday so we got everything down from the loft to find that half of the tree stand was missing πŸ™ so Thursday morning we went out to get a new tree, but then I had Weight WatchersΒ after tea so we didn’t get time so tonight we finally did it after gymnastics!!! It looks gorgeous!! Here are some pictures πŸ™‚
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Weigh In – 20-11-2014

I have Β had a pretty good week this week, although Mother Nature decided to appear (as she does!) But I haven’t been able to do much physical exercise as I have been taking Christmas Pictures all week, so my physical exercise was walking from one room to another and then sitting down for 10 minutes. I have been snacking on the wrong foods too I think, but then my meals have been really well balanced. I thought I would be putting 1 or 2lbs on this week. When I got on the scales -1.5lb off!! Woooo excellent!

So definitely on track now, got 4 weigh ins left until Christmas and just 2lb left to lose until I have my 10%. So I am hoping to still lose 1lb a week until Christmas which will definitely put me in the 10 stone bracket and give me a little leeway over Christmas.


15lbs left to go!!
20/11/2014 – -1.5lb (11st 1lb)
13/11/2014 – +0.5lb (11st 2.5lb)
16/11/2014 – -7.5lbs (11st 2lb)
30/10/2014 – didn’t attend
23/10/2014 – +/-0 (11st 9.5lb)
16/10/2014 – -0.5 (11st 9.5lb)
09/10/2014 – -2 (11st 10lb)
02/10/2014 – -4.5lb (11st 12lb)
25/10/2014 – Start Weight – 12st 2.5lbs

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Christmas Pictures!

So this week I have started taking Christmas pictures for friends and family (and some strangers to me too!) Obviously I can’t share those pictures with you but I can share Lily, Declan’s and Harry’s with you πŸ™‚


I bought their outfits from Next, I absolutely love their Christmas things. Declan and Harry’s tops play music and they love that they can press the button and just start dancing. Lily loves swirling around in her tutu dress and that she gets to wear two pairs of shoes as their are shoes on the tights. They are fantastic that they can wear them throughout the holiday season – we are off to a panto on Monday so I am thinking about letting them wear these for the panto πŸ™‚


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Introducing Milo!!

I thought it was about time he got a whole post of his own. He is such a gorgeous little puppy it is unreal, and we have our first trip to the vets tomorrow for his first lot of injections and his health check. Then hopefully we will be able to take him on walks soon!

Milo is a Jack Russell and he is mainly white with a little brown head with a tiny white stripe,Β he is 8 weeks (and 4 days) old and was born on 19th September!


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HappyDays #01

Tiny Footsteps started Happy Days Linky and I love the idea so I am starting this week (although they are on week 7) and I cannot wait to get up and out!

Out and about

Tuesday was the last day of the 3 for 2 offer at Argos, I still had vouchers to spend and still needed to get Harry a couple more presents. So Dan and I decided to walk. The nearest argos is 5 mile away, so we decided to walk there and back. We had a lovely walk, just talking and laughing, we walked along the sea front there and then along the road back and the views are amazing, although it was cold so I had my gloves on and didn’t take any pictures πŸ™ but we had a really fun day and got back with half an hour to spare before leaving for the school run – BONUS!

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