Potato Printing

You have have seen my Silent Sunday post for this week, it was of the older two potato printing. It was for our Halloween cards for friends and family and we all had so much fun!!

I bought some potatoes in the bargain corner for just 31p, I used half of them for tea that night and then I saved the rest to do potato printing with the children. We did it last year and they absolutely loved it so thought why not do it again this year, and as the potatoes were about to be thrown away not wasted any money either – which with three children is always a bonus.

So I set the table up, got the paint ready and cut the potatoes. When I told them we were going to paint they were a little disappointed! Lily and Declan both thought that painting was boring! Until they seen the potatoes and then they were excited! They love potato printing


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Magic Moments – Scrapping

When Lily was born I joined a Mummy site. I became a stay at home mum and missed the communication with others, and I was a first time mum, I wanted advice. On that site I met one of my best friends, Charlie. Since meeting on the site when our babies were babies and not these little adults that they are growing into and she made some awesome signatures for people to wear on the site. Me being me kept pestering her asking how she made them and what she used blah blah blah. I instantly took to it. Yes I needed A LOT of practice but I loved it! So I started creating on photoshop, once I built up some skills Charlie invited me to join Pretty Designs – which has now unfortunately closed. It was a place where anyone could come and put in a request for something to be made for them. I loved it! I have been scrapping ever since.

Last September, when I started my University course, things went a little down hill. I found my time couldn’t stretch to do everything I wanted to do. So I stopped scrapping. I still had a few commitments to do so I officially stopped in March this year. I have missed it! A LOT. So last night we were watching TV, I had finished commenting on some blogs, and I had nothing to do. I opened up Photoshop and I scrapped 😀 For the first time in 7 months!

I know it may seem a little silly to some that my magic moment is that I scrapped, but to me it means that I am starting to get time to do the things I love. I thought with taking on a blog that I would lose time but I somehow have gained time. I have no idea how that happened.

This is what I created last night 🙂


Pumpkin Carving!

This morning we carved our pumpkins!! I love carving pumpkins, it has to be one of my favourite things to do at Halloween. Although I forgot to buy a carving kit, so I attempted to use a knife to make them, unfortunately it didn’t work and I ended up breaking one of my pumpkins, so I got on the phone to my Mum who was shopping and picked me up a carving kit and another pumpkin! So we were able to do them all still.

This is the first time that Lily has got really stuck in to help. She really enjoyed doing it. She actually got her hands dirty too – which is not like Lily at all!


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October Half Term!!

I cannot wait till 3pm when I leave the house to pick the kids up!! We get one whole week to do anything and everything we want! I love it! Tomorrow we will be carving our pumpkins, Sunday we will be making Halloween cards, Monday Halloween crafts, Tuesday will be a girlie shopping day with Lily (obviously) for her to spend her birthday money, then on Wednesday we are going to visit some family for a few days. On the Wednesday night we are going to be having a little Halloween Party and on Thursday hoping to do a little bonfire then travelling home Friday ready for a Halloween party and trick or treating. Phew!! Then no plans the following Saturday and Sunday just yet. Probably movie day one day with a Halloween film!


What are your plans for the holidays? Any tips on what we could do?


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Weigh in!

I stayed the same 🙁 I am really gutted about this! I have had a good week. Stuck to plan strictly had no extras I even walked for 4 out of 7 days!!!!! What happened Tuesday!?!? Mother Nature happened! I was hoping for 1lb off I know Mother Nature can affect weight but after having such a good week me wise I thought yes it won’t be affected! I know I could have put on but still to stay the same after working so hard is frustrating.

Then I come home and my laptop is broken (writing this from my phone!!!) it had water spilt on it this afternoon and now the keys are all jumbled. I’m writing o and it comes up 9o I could have done without this as I am studying with open university and I have my first assignment of this year due a week today!!!

So unfortunately I can’t update my little graphic from last week but I am still the same!!

Wicked Wednesday

I couldn’t decide which photo to use for my first ever Wicked Wednesdays I love this photobomb that Dan and Harry did whilst I was trying to get a nice family photo!


And when we went to the park the other day and Declan rolled down the hill and Harry copied him! I love his face!!

02 03


Our Wedding Day!

So our wedding day was 13 weeks ago now, (3 months tomorrow). It seems like two minutes ago that we were planning it and now its all over and has been for quite some time. I loved every single second, there was no stress and no worry, it all ran super smoothly and everyone had so much fun! It was honestly one of the best days of my life (apart from when the kids were born). I thought I would share about our wedding day with you.

The morning of our wedding I had to go and pick up the cake. Then back home to get ready and get to the registry office.

Our wedding was at 3pm so I had plenty of time to get ready.

My bridesmaids were my sister, one of my best friends and my niece. Lily was a flower girl along with my other two nieces and I had Declan and Harry as page boys and my two nephews. Dan’s best man was his friend and Godfather to Declan. We used PJ’s car for Dan and my brother in laws car for me and my sister in laws car for my bridesmaids.

The theme was originally vintage tea party and I wanted traditional tea and scone style food but it would have been too much hassle (although I did get a tea party for my hen do 😀 ) so we went with a summer fair theme and had BBQ food.

Colour scheme was blue and pink, originally it was pink, bridesmaids dresses were bought but then my sister fell pregnant and the dress wouldn’t have fit her right! But it all worked out in the end and I much preferred these dresses and the girls get to wear them again 😀

Some pictures from arriving 🙂 and Declan being a cheeky monkey!


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Painting Halloween Pebbles

Harry loves to get messy, so after our Family Walk to the beach on Saturday and collecting our pebbles I decided to create some Halloween pebbles with Harry while the big ones are in school.

I got black, orange and white paint and some googly eyes and away we go.


I do need to invest in some aprons but for now a vest will do nicely 😉


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Tasty Tuesday – Chocolate

On Saturday Lily went to a friend’s house so me and Declan did some baking, and Declan’s favourite is chocolate so we chose chocolate shortbread biscuits with chocolate chips and a chocolate Halloween Mickey Mouse Cake from Disney Cakes & Sweets HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2014.

We weighed all the ingredients out ready (although this was a two hand job so no photo’s unfortunately). Then away we go.

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